7 Gadgets That Should Have for Next Vacation

The thermometer goes up and we begin to plan our vacations: a trip abroad, camping in the mountains, long days on the beach or in the pool. Whatever the chosen destination, today there is a large set of technological summer gadgets that will help us liven up our adventures.

We leave here a list of the 7 gadgets for the summer.

1. Fan for iPhone

Abanicarse is not what it used to be. And unless the fashion of the Louis XVI wigs comes back, the small fans for iPhone (there are also for smartphones) will combine better with your style, as well as refreshing when the thermometer defies 30 °.

2. GoPro Hero Sessions

Diving with Caribbean fish, jumping in bungee or pulling imaginary bears in the forest … everything can be recorded and shared in your favorite social network with this action camera, which is capable of submerging up to 10 meters without needing a special case and record The best moments of your vacation in HD quality.

3. Zero Lemon solar charger

How many lemons do you need to squeeze to make a battery and charge your phone? Many. Better to leave the work to the generous sun and a portable solar battery, which will help you stay connected to the world, however remote the place you visit.

4. Water bottle with Bluetooth

If you like outdoor activities of high performance, what better than this bottle of water that will keep you hydrated and, at the same time, give you the energy of your favorite songs.

5. Waterproof iPhone SurfStow bag

Teaching your phone to swim to keep it safe from accidents may not yield the expected results. For this reason, one of the must-have summer gadgets is this waterproof iPhone SurfStow bag, which will keep the circuits intact at the time of taking a dip, since it resists up to 30 meters deep.

6. Portable USB humidifier

Now, if you want to keep the spaces cool, a humidifier will make you wake up in the morning, do not think that your bedroom in the cabin suddenly became an oven. These devices work connected to a USB and placing them on the upper edge of a water bottle.

7. Automatic watering

Finally, if you do not want your garden to suffer in your absence, there are automatic sprinklers that will allow you to do it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have your phone at hand.

Now you know. When it comes to weathering the heat, dealing with wildlife or recording feats to share with friends, use these summer gadgets that will make the summer season the most pleasant of the year.

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