Bicycles (and ‘Gadgets’) Are For Summer

One of the vocations of technology is to provide people with tools to enhance their experiences in leisure time, and in that sense gadgets are a rising trend, which in the case of entertainment have reached an infinite variety.

Specialized in all kinds of functions, it is impossible to cover the entire range of applications provided by the market, which in the case of Kickstarter is full of new and original proposals. But summer holidays are a good time to incorporate some gadgets into daily life , many of which we would never have imagined would exist.

Next, we review a series of five mills of different types and prices that can be useful to enjoy free time during the summer period.

1. Rubbee, turn your bike into an electric

According to the authors of this idea, electric bicycles are “boring” and the kits that exist to adapt a normal make the result look like it comes from a home workshop: full of cables and connections. So they have created Rubbee , a gadget to turn your life-long bike into an electric bike easily and in just a moment.

This device, smaller than a shoe box, has a clamp that is fixed to any bike and a battery that allows you to travel more than 25 kilometers without pedaling. In this way you can enjoy all the advantages of an electric bike “without getting your hands dirty and without ruining the aesthetics of the bike you already have”.

2. Ki-flot, the floating swimsuit

The scene will be familiar to anyone who has gone to the beach or to the pool with children: while they bathe, you are on the shore reading or sunbathing, looking for them every two or three minutes to make sure they are well. And suddenly you do not find them. They are only ten seconds, but the shock is not taken away by anyone. Well here is an idea to help you stay calm at that moment.

Made of neoprene, Ki-flot is a swimsuit that helps children to float while they are learning to swim, so that parents avoid frights this summer. It has a series of pockets in which you can insert floating sheets; This increases or decreases the support the child needs as he learns to swim alone. Although you’ll never stop watching them, at least you can count on them to stay afloat.

3. Bass Ball, a water resistant stereo

You are in the pool, alone and relaxed or at a party with several friends. Do you feel like playing music? Put it on Bass Ball , a floating, water-resistant, ball-shaped music system. You can put it in the pool and handle it without having to leave or dry out.

Play radio stations and MP files, but perhaps the most interesting thing is that with a complementary transmitter you can listen to the music stored on your iPod or iPhone, which is transmitted through radio waves to the computer.

4. Walking sitting: because in summer it is too hot

Doctors recommend walking a minimum of 20 minutes a day to stay fit and maintain cardiovascular and joint health. But 20 minutes walking when the temperature is around 30 degrees not only do not want anything, but can be dangerous because of the risk of heat stroke. The truth is that in summer, sometimes, it is too hot to go for a walk.

Happylegs  is a device that allows  walking sitting indoors without suffering high temperatures, so it is perfect for the summer months. You just have to place it in front of a chair or sofa, sit down, put your feet on the platforms and start walking. Obviously, the effect is not the same as that of a real walk, since the burning of calories and muscle work are less intense, but it has never been easier to take a walk at the same time you watch a movie, read or work with the computer.

5. Seabob: to move like a fish in water

To swim, dive or simply let yourself be carried away by the waves. Seabob  is a unipersonal aquatic propeller in which you control the speed of movement. You can use it on surface or underwater, making the experience of exploring the sea easier and more fun.

There are rental services or you can buy one, but be careful because the whim can be expensive

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