Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

1) Measure your progress

It is important to measure one’s progress in an objective way. So of course there is the balance but not every day because it can have an extreme nuisance capacity (yes last night you drank 1 liter of water and this morning you make 100 grams more, so what? !!) , think instead of the lost cm (much more interesting because in the end we do not want to reach such weight but, to find beautiful), the number of repetitions you can do when at first you can not, the weights to the muscu that you have increased, in short, has positive markers. Make pictures too, even if today you find yourself ugly, flabby, fat. Yes it’s hard and it hurts. But in 6 months, a year, these photos will become your pride !! I regret not having done more, impossible to find a picture of me in swimsuit or other because I was hiding permanently … While today these pictures make me proud of the work done.

2) Believe in yourself before after

If you do, you can do it. It seems a bit of a phrase, but I confirm it, 3 years ago I was hoping, I dreamed, but I didn’t really believe it. Today, however, I arrived there! Even if I’m not at the top yet, I still see things to improve, I know the road traveled.

3) Talk about it around you

Saying what you are committing yourself to, verbalizing it around you makes things much more concrete and you may even win people who will encourage you. You will also see immediately those that will have a negative impact on your investment and learn not to pay attention to what they tell you.

But beyond that, what matters is that mentally, you can not go back, you can not give up because you will know that this is what people expect of you and you will not want give them that pleasure. On the contrary, you want to show them how much stronger you are than they thought. And soon, it will be you who will advise on how to get there.

4) Find tips for thinking about something else

Even if your motivation and determination will help you hold on, you need to find your tricks to distract from temptations and negative thoughts! Drink a tea instead of eating, call someone to change your mind when you feel that your urge to eat is too strong, etc. I wrote an article about ”  how to hold your resolutions ” that talks about my tips and will help you find others. As a smoker who stops smoking, you will see that the desire to crack often comes back but in the end it does not last so long (a few minutes). If at that moment you manage to divert your attention from the object of your temptation, the hardest will be done and you will be proud to have resisted!

5) Be patient and persevere

I told you it’s a long distance run. Your models have not been successful in 3 months, it is often 3 to 5 years that your models practice and often they have perfect conditions (it’s their job, they have the budget for healthy meals, etc.). ). Accept that it will take time, it will take some of the pressure off you and make it easier for you to progress.

One day I had a click when I saw a picture that represented the duration of engagement in the fitness of the people who launch themselves. This photo showed a staircase with 12 steps for the 12 months of a year. There were 10 people starting at the same time (down the stairs) and a year later, only one person had arrived at the top of the stairs. All the others had abandoned along the way and did not reach their goal. It was after seeing this picture that I did not give up even when I felt like stagnating and doing it for nothing. I knew that to succeed, I had to be that person still climbing the stairs in a year.

It’s a cross-country race, not a sprint, and do not be fooled by marketing campaigns that promise Jennifer Lopez’s body (or your model) in 3 months.

Do not forget this: I can not promise you that you will have the body of your dreams in 6 months or 1 year. The only thing I can promise you is that if you give up, you will never have the body that will make you blossom.

So be patient and persevere, it will pay. Every step, even tiny, is already a step towards success.

I hope these words will help you, the purpose of my article was to help you stay motivated and explain that YES is difficult but that YES is within your reach if you give yourself the means!

Feel free to leave me a comment, or I like the bottom of the article or to share it with your knowledge that it could help. You can also offer your tips too!

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