When it comes to originality, companies around the world invest a lot of time and money in the mission of finding those products that can be marketed as unique, and at the same time can offer an answer to some consumer concerns, although this sometimes becomes a bit strange and extravagant.

This has been the case ever since major companies around the world have sought to be the first to manufacture this unique and original product, with the aim of positioning themselves in the market as true innovators, an aspect that has become even more remarkable since the new era of technology, a field in which device manufacturers can not rest on their laurels.

The truth is that originality, novelty and innovation in the world of technology have no limits, and that is why we can now come across in the markup with gadgets that significantly improve our experience as users of different computing devices, and also objects that based on technological aspects are more like expensive toys without major real utilities that change our lives.

Here we tell you some of these inventions that after a time in the world market have managed to maintain a relative success among consumers, some really useful and others simply extravagant.


Among the various gadgets created over the past few years to use with our computers, we can find the most bizarre forms of peripherals and devices, among which the most extravagant designs are usually in the niche of the pendrive.

Today there are pendrives with the strangest forms, and even this has also led to the increasingly original design of USB hubs , and it is precisely to solve the lack of USB ports when interesting concepts are developed, such as the so-called infinity port .

This infinite USB port created by Gonglue Jiang works like a chain, that is, starting from a single USB port of the computer, it extends through connecting another port and another port and another port, all that we need, and in this way we can plug in all the devices we need.


And if we talk about USB ports, an interesting invention has been called iTwin Connect, which basically is a device that allows us to create our own VPN through the use of public Wi-Fi ports and a USB connection.

This small gadgets, which has the size of a traditional pendrive, also gives us the possibility of creating a network between our desktop computer and our notebook, with which we can share information between both teams through a completely secure platform.


Of course, among PC gadgets, those common peripherals, such as the mouse and the keyboard , are usually some of the most successful practitioners in the market when their designs are based on the search for total originality.

A clear example of this is the virtual keyboard with laser projection, which is connected via Bluetooth and allows a full keyboard to be projected on any flat surface.

Designed by the company Brookstone to be especially used with smartphones and tablets, anytime and anywhere, this virtual keyboard that is projected on flat surfaces has a range of about 2 hours.


And since we are talking about products related to our smartphones and tablets, as we know one of the biggest concerns of users of this type of mobile devices focuses on the battery life.

There are in the current market all kinds of gadgets created to charge the battery of a smartphone or tablet in the most difficult and strange conditions, and perhaps one of the most interesting products is solar charging for mobile phones.

This small device called Cling Bling is ideal to take with us everywhere, and the truth is that we only need a window to hang it through its soup system, and from there the device will capture solar energy , which will be transformed into energy for charge the battery of our phone through a micro USB connection, so it can be used with almost any phone or tablet, plus it can be used to charge any other electronic device that uses a USB cable.

In addition, this solar charger can be pre-charged by simply connecting it to a USB port, and in this way can store electrical power that can then be used to charge any of our devices.


In the field of photography innovation is also the order of the day, and not only thanks to the most varied drones that we can now acquire to make captures in height even with the camera of a smartphone, but also in the type of cameras what can we achieve

Such is the case of the fantastic 3D panoramic camera, which is basically a ball or ball camera, and to capture images and video in three dimensions, and panoramic, we just have to throw it into the air, and course then catch it.


Music is also important in the lives of people, and even many of us can not be too long without listening to our favorite songs, hence the creation of speakers resistant to various adverse conditions, such as water resistant.

One of these cases is the PoolPower floating pool speaker, which connects to our device via Bluetooth, is placed inside the pool and floats, and can also be used as a microphone for the function of receiving hands-free calls.

And for those who want to enjoy a bath to pure music, today it is possible to find on the market some nice wireless waterproof speakers, called SoundBot, which is basically a device that connects to our phone through Bluetooth, and It can be perfectly used in the shower. It also includes a built-in microphone to be used as a speakerphone.


The truth is that the bathroom is an important time in people’s day, and that is why someone thought why not shower with originality, resulting in a somewhat useless but really extravagant invention.

It is a head or shower head that changes the color of the water through a cycle of LED lights, and in this way every 2 seconds we can see how the water that emerges takes on the appearance of a rainbow.

Perhaps this last one is not exactly one of the most useful inventions that make our daily life better, but what is certain is that with a shower of colors we will be really original.

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